Introductory-Beginning Classes & Camps


Try this Exciting Olympic Sport!

CFA has fun beginner classes consisting of 8 classes - 1 per week for two months. We offer classes for all ages; super youth 4.5-7, youth 8-13, teen-adult 14 plus. fencing is for both boys/men and girls/women and we actually have the largest and highest ranked girls program in the South Bay. Our developmental and recreation programs are for all levels of interest, and physical abilities. Our classes are never full - we just add staff, and if you can't fit our schedule of days or times we offer the same material in three pre-paid private lessons or semi-private lessons.

Our start-up beginning program teaches youths basic fencing behavior, sportsmanship, and self-discipline and more. Adults get fit by doing a cool activity rather than laboring at a boring gym, and they meet people, develop commraderie and friendly rivalries perhaps, and you get to fence out the days stress as well.

Everyone learns the basic terminology, footwork, offensive and defensive actions, including bouting strategy with actual fencing each day. You will learn to advance and retreat, to attack and lunge, to parry riposte, and counter riposte, to execute feints and actions on the blade, and much more. You will learn this through fun developmental games, paired drills, contolled fencing situations, and actual bouting. Upon Graduation from this class you receive a diploma and are prepared to join the CFA novice program!

Some benefits of fencing:

  • Confidence & Poise
  • Analytical, problem solving, decision making skills
  • Great reflexes & coordination
  • Pride, respect, sportsmanship
  • Reduce stress
  • Lose weight & be fit
  • Meet people & have lots of fun
  • Unique, exciting sport

Why Fence at CFA?

  • Lifetime programs for recreation or competition
  • Progressive task & goal oriented level programs
  • Renowned competitive program, home of national and Junior Olympic Champions, US World Team┬ámembers, and Olympians
  • Formally trained, highly motivated, caring staff with Certified Fencing┬áMasters for each weapon.
  • The Fencing Masters Program. The oldest most prestigious club college for training fencing coaches.
  • Elite status with the Better Bussiness Bereau, and city contracts with Los Gatos-Saratoga & Mountain View
  • Huge facilities with over 40 fencing strips
  • Indoor Olympic archery range & equestrian program

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