Other Sports, Activities & Services

Cal Sports Club Programs
Explore the website for more information on our fencing academy, and check out the other activities offered by the parent organization the Cal Sports Club Inc:
· California Fencing Academy - The Founding Program
· Cal Archery Center & USA Junior Olympic Development Program
· Cal Riders & Natural Horsemanship Stable
· Cal Martial Arts Do Jo & GForce Jiu-Jitsu
· Cal Optimum Health Center: Fitness & Therapy
· Cal Kids Care - Adventures in sports and fitness
All of the sport programs are operated in the same manner with the same developmental structure, and level of training as the fencing program.
The great idea of the Cal sports Club comes from Daniel putting together his life’s passions and hobbies together into one club. First from having a love of teaching children (and adults), from being a Park Ranger-naturalist-interpreter-forest fire fighter-backpacker, an avid archer, trap and skeet shooter, a martial artist, an avid horseman and horse trainer, a field trial enthusiast and amateur dog trainer with his Field Champion American Brittany’s Sam and Kya, and as a Sports Therapist, and Fencing of course. Daniel is formally trained and certified as a fencing coach in both the American, Italian, and French schools of fencing as a Moniteur (instructor of foil) by the United States Fencing Coaches Association, and as an Instructor-at-Armes (foil) and a Provost-at-Armes (foil, saber, epee) by Senior Italian Examining Board Members of the Italian Masters Training Program of Naples Italy, and as a Maitre d' Armes (French School Fencing Master) taking the exam in France of which there is only a handful of coaches with this certification in America and in one weapon only, but Daniel is the only one examined in all three weapons that we know of residing in America, and only a handful have done this feat even in France. Daniel is a certified Archery Instructor by USArchery and FITA, He is a certified riding Instructor by the Certified Horseman Association in both Western and English disciplines, he is a specialized sports therapist with an elite two year college training program as a Certification Personal Trainer (CPT), a Certified Sports Massage Therapist (CSMT)a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist & Bodyworker (NCMTB), and is slowly, when possible with this business and his new son, working towards his advanced degree in Sports Psychology which he hopes to complete some day for self satisfaction.