Why Fence at CFA

Awesome Fencing Programs

  • CFA is the most prestigious fencing Academy in the South Bay and one of the leading clubs in the country in membership and facility size, but more importantly a national leader in competitive results and medal count. CFA has taught thousands, upon thousands of Bay Area residents of all ages, genders, and abilities to fence.
  • CFA has developed a unique goal oriented level system that does not combine too many levels and ages as other clubs do – thus creating a low retention rate for the obvious reasons. The Head Coach also evaluates every student in the club personally in positive reinforcement manner yet with honesty, and firmness on a monthly basis helping them what they need to work on in regards to behavior, focus, technique and tactics in order to level up to the next stage of the program.
  • While we live and breathe to produce Champions at CFA we take great pride in having awesome programs for everyone from ages 5 to 80. It doesn’t matter what level of ability you might have, or what constraints you might posses. You may be fencing for recreation and fitness, or just to play with swords, or maybe to live a dream and become a World Class athlete. Whatever your reason, or goals we will help you, care for you, and develop a program for you.

Successful Team Programs

  • Almost all of the national fencers of our coaches have received scholarships, assistance, or admission to top universities due to fencing at CFA. Here are some examples starting from the most recent; Berkeley, Air Force Academy, University of Southern Cal, University of San Diego (4 CFA fencers currently fencing NCAA here), Stanford, Penn, Harvard, Rutgers, and many, many more.
  • The coaches lost count of their national medal count when it went well over 500. CFA coaches have produced a long list of individual and team National Champions, Junior Olympic Champions, and US World Team members in both men’s and women’s foil and epee, and now our newest program in men’s and women’s saber is climbing to the top in the national rankings as well. Coach Ania’s personal student from youth to college went on to win the silver medal in the Olympics in Beijing China, and Ania currently has the one of the largest and most dedicated women’s teams in the USA. Maestro Tibbett’s students have placed in the top 16 in World Cups, and in the top eight in the World Championships and Daniel is now a designated squad coach for
  • US Men’s Foil Teams in World Cups. Both Ania and Daniel travel the world with their young men and women competing in International competition and European Circuit events. For more information on the Academy Directors and Head Coaches and other valued and prestigious CFA staff you can view bios at the coaches tab (bios are currently being updated).